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DUE Diligence Chennai


Due diligence for companies refers to the process of conducting a comprehensive review and analysis of a business or organization before entering into a transaction, such as an acquisition, merger, or partnership.

We, Legitmind, helps to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with the transaction and to ensure that all relevant information is disclosed and understood.


✔ Determine the specific areas of the company that will be subject to review, such as financials, operations, legal, intellectual property, and human resources.

✔ Obtain and review relevant documents such as financial statements, tax returns, contracts, licenses, permits, and regulatory filings.

✔ Visit the company's facilities and meet with key personnel to understand the business operations and culture

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✔ Determine whether the company is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, including environmental, labor, and safety regulations.

✔ Identify potential risks and opportunities associated with the transaction and assess the impact on the company's operations and financial performance.

✔ Verify the accuracy of financial information provided by the company, such as revenue, expenses, and cash flows, and assess the company's financial position.

✔ Assess the company's intellectual property portfolio, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and determine their value and potential risks.

✔ Prepare a report summarizing the findings of the due diligence review and identify any issues or concerns that need to be addressed before the transaction is completed.